Tanya Humphreys scoops Macmillan Professionals Excellence Award

Tanya Humphreys Macmillan Professionals Excellence Award

Tanya Humphreys, who was integral to setting up the Bolton Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service, has been honoured for her efforts and awarded the Macmillan Integration Excellence Award.

Tanya was instrumental in getting the Bolton service off the ground. Bolton now has one fully functioning Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service at Giles House at Bolton Hospice and two others are due to open in the coming months at the Royal Bolton Hospital and Bolton One.

The prestigious Macmillan Professionals Excellence awards are now entering their fifth year and they recognise those Macmillan professionals who throughout their effort and leadership have made a significant difference to the lives of people affected by cancer.

Julie Atkins Ward, Senior Macmillan Development Manager said:

“Tanya demonstrated enormous skill, vision and determination to develop this service based on genuine collaboration and meaningful user involvement.

“The set up of the service that she has produced is impeccable and will help people affected by cancer in Bolton enormously. She worked with the local clinical commissioning group, local hospice and Bolton People Affected by Cancer to establish an information and support service that really puts the needs of its users first.

“She really deserves this prestigious award.”