Referring To Our Service

You may come into regular contact with people who are struggling to cope with the physical, practical and emotional effects of cancer.

Some of them may feel very isolated and lonely, especially if they have no family or friends close by. Or they may worry about asking the same people for support time after time.

Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service is here to provide a helping hand to people living with cancer, their carers’ and family and friends. We are not the Macmillan nurses.
Support we can provide includes:

  • Offering a listening ear, time to talk and meet others affected by cancer
  • Information on specific cancers, cancer services and treatments
  • Access to a Macmillan Benefits Adviser
  • Signposting to services providing help with employment issues
  • Information on cancer screening and health awareness
  • Support groups for people affected by cancer and their carers.
If you would like to refer your patient to Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service, please fill in our referral form.