Introducing the new Macmillan Organiser

Macmillan Bolton Organiser

The new Macmillan Organiser is more compact than the last version- but it also has more space for people to store other information, forms or booklets in one place. People can use it to:

Keep the contact details of their health professionals together

Record what they discuss at appointments

Record their medication, when it should be taken and any side effects

Note down how they’re feeling

People can also use the organiser to keep notes about their diet, physical activity, and their plans for sorting out practical issues such as getting help around the home.

The format of the new organiser is different, with a central pouch containing three different booklets that people can write in: ‘personal’, ‘looking after yourself’ and ‘medical’.

Each booklet also includes relevant information content taken from the Macmillan booklet The Cancer Guide, which Macmillan have also just updated. The Cancer Guide is an ideal resource for people who have recently been diagnosed, or family members and friends who want to know more about what to expect after a cancer diagnosis.

For more information or to pick up your Macmillan Organiser, drop in to any of our centres or call 01204 462442/663059.