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Cancer can have a huge impact on the financial circumstances of those affected. It can affect those who are working, unemployed or retired. Working hours may have to be reduced or stopped and there may be additional expenses such as heating travelling or expensive dietary requirements. It can also affect carers who may need to also give up work or reduce their working hours. This can put a financial strain on people affected by cancer when they are most vulnerable who then have to try and negotiate the benefits system which can be complicated.

The service works on an appointment only basis and we are unfortunately unable to provide home visits. If you do need a home visit then please enquire because there are home visiting teams that may be able to give you this support.

Our benefits adviser can assist with benefits if you or a family member has a cancer diagnosis and any of the following apply to you:

  • A Bolton postcode
  • Registration with a Bolton GP
  • You pay your Council Tax to Bolton Council

If you think you need an appointment to discuss Welfare benefits then please contact us and we can arrange an appointment. Our benefits adviser works in partnership with Bolton Council.

Some of the things we can help with are

  • Benefits checks
  • Benefit applications
  • Benefit mandatory reconsiderations and appeals
Looking for general information on benefits you may be able to apply for?

We recommend looking on the government website as this is the most current up to date information*:

  • Personal independence payment (PIP), for anyone under state pension age:To be eligible for PIP you must be aged between 16 and your State Pension age. You must also find it hard to do everyday tasks or get around because of an illness or disability. You must have found these things hard for 3 months and expect it to continue for another 9 months.
    More information:
  • Attendance allowance (AA), for people over state pension age: You must have had care or supervision needs because of your disability or illness for at least 6 months before you can get Attendance Allowance.
    More information:
  • Carers Allowance (CA): You may be eligible for Carer’s Allowance if you, the person you care for and the type of care you provide meets certain criteria. More information:
  • Council Tax Reduction: Discount on your council tax payments More information:
  • Employment support Allowance (ESA):You may be able to apply for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) if you have a disability or health condition that affects how much you can work.
    More information:
  • Universal credit (UC): Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs. You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income, out of work or you cannot (UC):
    More information:
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP):You may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) if you’re too ill to work. It’s paid by your employer for up to 28 weeks. You cannot get less than the statutory amount. You can get more if your company has a sick pay scheme (or ‘occupational scheme’) – check your employment contract.
    More information:

*We strongly recommend speaking to a member of our team before applying for any benefits if you are affected by cancer.

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