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Life after cancer

Life after cancer

Life after cancerCancer patients don't stop feeling the physical and emotional effects of cancer even if they have finished their treatment. It's understandable that having cancer can make you feel uncertain about the future. And it's natural for this to continue after cancer treatment has ended. Taking control of the things you can do something about can help feelings of uncertainty.

Emotional effects can include:

  • Fear about the cancer coming back
  • Feelings of isolation and being alone
  • Loss of confidence
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Uncertainty
  • Relationship issues

Physical effects can include:

  • Coping with body changes
  • Fatigue
  • Eating problems

We can provide a listening ear, advice, information and access to the Macmillan HOPE programme for those patients who may need a little more support.

Macmillan HOPE Course

Living with cancer is anything but plain sailing but nobody has to go through it alone. This course is aimed at people who are coming to the end of their treatment or have finished their primary cancer treatment. We know people who have completed cancer treatment can feel isolated and feel unsupported so this course helps to bridge the gap. Run by a health care professional and someone affected by cancer, it will provide support and information to help people manage the day to day impact of their cancer diagnosis. What’s more it’s a great opportunity to meet people with similar experiences. Our HOPE course is run three times a year. If you would like more information or details of the next course, contact Sue on 01204 663059.