Bolton Macmillan Cancer Information & Support


We can provide information about

  • Specific cancers, cancer services and treatments
  • Services providing help with employment issues
  • Travel insurance
  • Local and national support groups
  • Cancer screening and health awareness

All information resources and support services are available free of charge.

We have a wide range of audio CDs available which are based on the Macmillan Cancer Booklets.

We also have cancer information in large print and different languages.

Emotional Support

A diagnosis of cancer means you will have to deal with issues and situations that may be very frightening and challenging. Most people feel overwhelmed when they are told they or a loved one has cancer.


Benefits Advice

People affected by cancer including their carers are often concerned about financial problems due to reduced income and increased costs such as travelling expenses and extra heating.


Life after cancer

Cancer patients don't stop feeling the physical and emotional effects of cancer even if they have finished their treatment. It's understandable that having cancer can make you feel uncertain about the future.


Local Support Groups

Information about Walking Groups, Bolton Cancer Voices, Prostate Cancer Support Group, Bolton Cancer Support Group, Monthly coffee mornings and Carers Café



There are over a million carers in the UK and you may be one of them. If you provide unpaid practical and emotional support to a person who would not manage without your help, you're a carer.